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VHF Wearable Antenna
200 – 260 MHz

Pharad's octane® wearable antennas are the best performing small form factor wearable antennas available.  

This antenna can be easily mounted to a rucksack via its MOLLE strapping or eyelets, and operates both in a stowed and deployed configuration. 

This body-worn antenna has been optimized for operation from 200 to 260 MHz and is fabricated using a state-of-the-art thin flexible material that slips easily into a pocket on a tactical vest or carrier.  

The lightweight, unobtrusive design, and flush mounting provide the user a friendly alternative to long whip antennas. Communications link performance is maintained without hindering the user's vision or movement. 

Available connectors allow these antennas to easily connect to a variety of radios. Vests and antenna/radio carrier accessories allow the antenna and radio to be easily worn over clothing.

Their unsurpassed range and coverage performance make the octane® wearable antenna products the antenna of choice for VHF communications applications.

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  • 200 – 260 MHz antenna

  • Wearable with waterproof cover

  • Flexible material

  • Thin and lightweight

  • Can be integrated with tactical vest

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