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Ultrathin Peel & Stick Appliqué Antenna
430 – 600 MHz

Pharad’s octane® appliqué antennas are high performing, thin antennas that can simply adhere to various non-metallic, low loss surfaces to create efficient radiating solutions.

These antennas which are less than 0.01″ thick can be mounted on materials such as glass, fiberglass, polyethylene, polycarbonate, and other plastics.

Applications include UAV and covert communications.

body wearable antenna, worn antenna, wearable antenna, body worn antenna

  • 430 - 600 MHz antenna

  • Ideal for mounting to plastics and glass

  • Less than 0.01″ thick

  • Flexible

  • Pressure sensitive adhesive easily adheres to surface

  • Quick installation (< 1 minute)

  • Low visibility
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