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900 MHz ISM Gooseneck Antenna
900 MHz

Pharad's octane® ISM gooseneck antennas are the ideal antenna solution for dismounted applications requiring omni-directional antenna coverage at a slight down tilt.

The gooseneck base allows the user to pass directly beneath overhead objects without impediment or injury.

This omni-directional antenna is completely passive, and requires no tuning or adjustments. These small antennas provide operational bandwidths from 900 to 930 MHz, and exhibit a VSWR of less than 2.5:1 for most systems.

The gooseneck antenna is designed to maximize gain at 15° down tilt from the horizon, providing coverage precisely where needed for dismounted ISM applications.

The octane® gooseneck antenna is easy to install with a standard TNC connector.

gooseneck antenna

  • 900 – 930 MHz operation

  • Flexible gooseneck for man-pack use

  • Omni-directional in azimuth

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