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Active GPS Wearable Antenna
1575 MHz

Pharad's octane® wearable active GPS antenna offers superior performance for worn telematic applications.

This active antenna is designed for GPS receivers that require an LNA integrated with the antenna.

With a 5 volt input, this antenna provides an average of 27 dB gain over a passive GPS antenna.

We have specially designed this active GPS antenna to be in close proximity to the body, thus offering improved performance for covert and textile integrated applications.

This wearable antenna is fabricated using a state-of-the-art, thin flexible material that conforms to clothing worn on the body.

The lightweight design and conformal mounting provide the user an ideal alternative to heavy, hockey-puck style GPS antennas.

GPS satellite visibility is maintained without hindering the user's mobility.

Pharad offers standard connectors that allow these antennas to be easily integrated into most any application.

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  • GPS wearable antenna

  • 27 dB gain LNA

  • 5 VDC input

  • Waterproof cover

  • Flexible material

  • Can be integrated with clothing

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