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Gooseneck Antenna Products

Features and Benefits

  • 225-6000 MHz models available
  • Flexible gooseneck for man-pack use
  • Omni-directional in azimuth
  • Gain optimized for 15° down tilt
  • N-connector

Pharad’s tactical gooseneck antennas are the ideal antenna solution for dismounted applications. They provide high performance radiating apertures with flexible goosenecks that attach to tactical radios and controllers. The orientation of the antenna can be easily adjusted to optimize link performance. Pharad offers broadband omni-directional antenna solutions with operational bandwidths from 225 to 6000 MHz in addition to gooseneck extensions.

adobe pdf Gooseneck Antenna Brochure

Gooseneck Extensions

Pharad also offers flexible gooseneck extensions to give you a solution to mount rigid antennas on a flexible mount.

Gooseneck Extensions

gooseneck antenna
Model Number Frequency Application
MP-225-1850 225 – 1850 MHz Tactical Radios
MP-400-6000 400 – 6000 MHz UHF to C-band Comms
MP-700-3000 700 – 3000 MHz LTE
MP-800-1900 800 – 2720 MHz Cellular / 2.4 GHz
MP-800-6000 800 – 6000 MHz Electronic Warfare
MP-900-930 900 – 930 MHz ISM
MP-1150-1550 1150 – 1550 MHz UAV Piloting
MP-1600-5900 1600 – 5900 MHz UAV Communications
MP-2400-2500 2400 – 2500 MHz WLAN, WiFi, ISM
MP-4400-5900 4400 – 5900 MHz C-band Communications
MP-4400-5900-EG 4400 – 5900 MHz C-band Communications

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