18 October 2018
Pharad Expands Peel and Stick Applique Antenna Offering for L-, S-, and C-band Operation

12 June 2018
Pharad Announces New Tactical UHF to C-band Gooseneck Antenna

21 May 2018
Mini-Gooseneck Antennas for Light Weight Applications

4 April 2018
Pharad Executives Serve as 5G Industry Experts

25 January 2018
Pharad Expands Stub Antenna Offering for MANET Radios

3 January 2018
Pharad's Covert Shark Fin Antennas featured in Wireless Design Magazine

12 September 2017
Advanced Gooseneck Antennas Offer Broadband Support for Video Piloting of UAVs

17 August 2017
Pharad Introduces ISM Stub Antenna for UAV and Drone Applications

19 July 2017
Pharad Adds New Communications Bands to its Line of Covert Shark Fin Antennas