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Paintable Antenna System

Pharad's paintable antenna system offers a unique and economical solution.

These complete kits include everything required to realize a variety of paint-on antenna solutions: the conductor spray paint, the prep and finish spray paint, universal feed sections, an assortment of radiator stencils, and installation instructions including a DVD.

Our resulting paint-on solution is very easy to use and allows an efficient antenna to be put on a variety of surfaces (drywall, glass, brick, plastic, wood, and stone), with the exception of metal.

Currently Pharad offers three different frequency ranges for their paint-on antenna kits: 350 – 450 MHz, 800 – 6000 MHz, and 1700 – 6000 MHz.

Installation Video

paint antenna, paintable antenna, spray antenna

  • Kit provides material for 10 antennas

  • Antenna solutions for 3 frequency ranges

    • 350 – 450 MHz
    • 800 – 6000 MHz
    • 1700 – 6000 MHz

  • Simple and easy-to-use design

  • Works on drywall, glass, brick, plastic, wood, and stone

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