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Peel & Stick Appliqué Antennas

The Pharad peel and stick appliqué antenna is unlike any other antenna available; a result of the innovation of Pharad's antenna design team. Pharad has developed a series of peel and stick appliqué antennas that are mounted by simply adhering to the surface and providing a high quality radiating solution. These antennas are nearly as thin as a piece of paper; less than 10 mils thick. They are suitable for material constructed from non-metallic, low-loss composites, such as fiberglass, Kevlar, polycarbonate, polyethylene, or other plastics. A durable one-time use pressure sensitive adhesive on one side of the radiator allows the Pharad peel and stick appliqué antenna to adhere to the surface.

Peel & Stick Appliqué Antennas Brochure

Peel & Stick Appliqué Antennas User Guide

Model Number Frequency
AA-30-512-L 30 – 512 MHz
AA-30-512 30 – 512 MHz
AA-225-6000 225 – 6000 MHz
AA-350-450 350 – 450 MHz
AA-420-450 420 – 450 MHz
AA-420-480 420 – 480 MHz
AA-430-600 430 – 600 MHz
AA-470-480 470 – 480 MHz
AA-800-900 800 – 900 MHz
AA-800-900/1800-1900 800 – 900/1800 – 1900 MHz
AA-800-6000 800 – 6000 MHz
AA-1700-6000 1700 – 6000 MHz
AA-3000-10000 3000 – 10000 MHz

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