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RF Photonic Links

Pharad offers a comprehensive family of optimized performance RF photonic links for high dynamic range and low loss RF signal over optical fiber transport. The links are packaged as either a transceiver (PXR) module or separate RF photonic transmitter (PTX) and RF photonic receiver (PRX) modules. The links provide electrical-to-optical (E/O) and O/E conversion of wideband RF signals over operating bandwidths covering 3 MHz to 50 GHz. Fiber-optic remoting of a multitude of RF signals can be supported using a single transceiver with a multi-band operating frequency range.

The transport of RF signals over optical fiber offers a number of benefits over conventional RF coaxial cables and waveguide including reduced cabling size and weight; low loss over a wide RF bandwidth; and improved signal isolation. Pharad‘s range of RF photonic links employs proprietary techniques to achieve the best gain, noise figure (NF), and spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) performance available. They are the ideal solution for supporting the high fidelity bi-directional transport of wideband RF signals over an optical fiber link or network. Applications include RF signal distribution over optical fiber in communications, radar, electronic warfare, and SIGINT/ISR systems, antenna remoting, aircraft and shipboard RF distribution systems, as well as commercial wireless networks and SATCOM platforms.

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Model Number


RF Gain t (Typ)

Noise Figure t (Max)

PTX-001-030 PRX-001-030

   0.03–3 GHz

21 dB

14 dB

106 dB-Hz 2/3

   0.5–3 GHz
0 dB
12 dB
105 dB-Hz 2/3
   10–20 GHz
0 dB
10 dB
114 dB-Hz 2/3
   2–20 GHz
10 dB
10 dB
105 dB-Hz 2/3
   0.4–15.5 GHz
4 dB
8 dB
108 dB-Hz 2/3
   0.003–19 GHz
15 dB
7 dB
104 dB-Hz 2/3
   26–40 GHz
5 dB
7 dB
108 dB-Hz 2/3
   3–40 GHz
10 dB
10 dB
104 dB-Hz 2/3
PTX-030-500 PRX-030-500

   3–50 GHz

6 dB

11 dB

100 dB-Hz 2/3

  t RF Link Gain, Noise Figure, and SFDR specified with optical loss over 1 meter of fiber.
  tt SFDR specified over single octave.

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