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UAV and Drone Antennas

Smaller and lighter weight Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and drones are increasingly being used for more complex communications and intelligence applications. To increase loitering capability and persistence of these aircraft, lighter weight, more aerodynamic antennas are required. Pharad has developed and manufactures a variety of high performing, lightweight, aerodynamic antennas for UAVs and drones. Each antenna class developed by Pharad has been optimized for low weight, aerodynamics, and electromagnetic performance. These state-of-the-art antennas enable increased flight range and link performance over traditional airborne antennas. Additionally, the wideband antennas reduce the number of required apertures in an airframe, further reducing aerodynamic drag and logistics costs.

The electromagnetic designs of the Pharad UAV and drone antennas consider the material from which the UAV or drone is constructed. Different solutions are provided for UAVs and drones built from composites such as fiberglass, Kevlar, or polypropylene, and for UAVs and drones constructed from aluminum or carbon fiber. Frequency ranges available include VHF through C-band.

In addition to our standard COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) antennas, Pharad offers custom engineered solutions that conform to a customer's exact specifications. Pharad's Antenna Development Team can develop custom UAV and drone antennas to meet specific form factor and radiation requirements.

adobe pdf UAV and Drone Antenna Brochure

Model Number Frequency Style
AA-30-512-L 30 – 512 MHz Appliqué
AA-30-512 30 – 512 MHz Appliqué
AA-225-6000 225 – 6000 MHz Appliqué
AA-350-450 350 – 450 MHz Appliqué
AA-420-450 420 – 450 MHz Appliqué
AA-420-480 420 – 480 MHz Appliqué
AA-430-600 430 – 600 MHz Appliqué
AA-470-480 470 – 480 MHz Appliqué
AA-800-900 800 – 900 MHz Appliqué
AA-800-900/1800-1900 800 – 900/
1800 – 1900 MHz
AA-800-6000 800 – 6000 MHz Appliqué
AU-800-6000 800 – 6000 MHz Blade
LP-1500-1700 1500 – 1700 MHz Low Profile
LP-1500-2100 1500 – 2100 MHz Low Profile
AU-1600-4400 1600 – 4400 MHz Blade
AA-1700-6000 1700 – 6000 MHz Appliqué
LP-1750-1815 1750 – 1815 MHz Low Profile
LP-1850-1990 1850 – 1990 MHz Low Profile
AA-3000-10000 3000 – 10000 MHz Appliqué

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