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UAV Lightweight Blade Antennas

Pharad's UAV blade antennas are the smallest, lightest weight, highest performance UAV antennas on the market, weighing as little as 18 grams. These antennas provide broadband performance from UHF to C-band, enabling fewer apertures on a UAV to cover multiple communications links. Efficient broadband dipole performance of these antennas is maintained regardless of the mounting environment, as the performance is independent of UAV fuselage material. The aerodynamic thin blades are designed to minimize drag. The reduced weight and improved aerodynamics of theses antennas, along with the elimination of multiple apertures, provides for improved range and persistence of lightweight UAVs. When UHF to C-band broadband performance is required, the deployment of Pharad's ultra-lightweight blade antennas improve the mission capability of lightweight UAVs.
UAV antenna, mini UAV antenna

Model Number Frequency Application
AU-800-6000 800 – 6000 MHz UHF Operation
AU-1600-4400 1600 – 4400 MHz Broadband

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