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Low Profile Antennas

Pharad offers a number of moderate-gain, low-profile antennas operating in the L- and S-bands. These low-profile antennas provide hemispherical coverage, allowing communication links to be maintained. Antenna performance is maintained independent of the material. Mounting the antenna to the surface is easily accomplished with standard fasteners. These small, hockey puck shaped antennas are less than 1.1″ in height, and 3.5″ in diameter, minimizing the impact on aerodynamics.
UAV antenna, mini UAV antenna, low profile antenna

Model Number Frequency
LP-1500-1700 1500 – 1700 MHz
LP-1500-2100 1500 – 2100 MHz
LP-1750-1815 1750 – 1815 MHz
LP-1850-1990 1850 – 1990 MHz

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