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Vehicle Antennas

Pharad offers a variety of antenna solutions for both tactical and commercial vehicles for communications and SIGINT applications. Low profile conformal antennas that can mount to the side, top, or underneath of the vehicle for Electronic Warfare applications are also offered. For applications requiring quickly outfitting a vehicle with communications hardware, Pharad offers magnetically mounted antennas that can easily attach to the top of a vehicle. For covert applications, Pharad provides a series of specialized, zero profile antennas that can be integrated directly into the vehicle and are not recognizable as antennas.

Low Profile Vehicle Antennas

Pharad offers a number of moderate-gain, low-profile antennas operating in the L-, S-, and C-bands. These small panel antennas are less than an inch in height and less than 6″ in length.

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vehicle antenna, magnet mount antenna, covert antenna

Model Number Frequency Form Factor
101812 30 – 512 MHz Roof Rack
AA-130-550-CTT 130 – 550 MHz Window Mount
VMSF-136-174 136 – 174 MHz Shark Fin
VMSF-162-172 162 – 172 MHz Shark Fin
VM-200-6000 200 – 6000 MHz Panel
102353 240 – 320 MHz Roof Rack
VMSF-370-460 370 – 460 MHz Shark Fin
VMSF-700-3000 700 – 3000 MHz Shark Fin
102051 700 – 3000 MHz Roof Rack
VM-800-3000 800 – 3000 MHz Flange Mount
VM-800-3000-M 800 – 3000 MHz Magmount
102392 800 – 6000 MHz Side Mirror
VM-1600-5900-M 1600 – 5900 MHz Magmount
VMSF-1600-6000 1600 – 6000 MHz Shark Fin

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