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VHF to UHF RF Photonic Links
30 – 3000 MHz

Pharad has developed the PTX-001-030 photonic transmitter and PRX-001-030 photonic receiver that can be used together to realize a high performance ultra-wideband RF photonic link that supports the fiber optic remoting of RF signals over the ultra-wideband frequency range of 30 MHz up to 3 GHz.

The transmitter and receiver modules can be used to create transparent fiber optic, low loss links where it is necessary to transport RF and microwave signals over long distances without signal degradation. Proprietary techniques are employed to achieve the best gain, noise figure, and dynamic range performance available in a cost-effective solution.

Both the PTX-001-030 and PRX-001-030 are packaged as integrated compact modules that include the optical and RF hardware and control electronics. Separate AC adapters are also supplied.

Applications for the ultra-wideband RF photonic link include RF and radio signal over fiber distribution in communications, radar, electronic warfare, and ISR systems, aircraft and shipboard RF distribution systems, antenna remoting, as well as commercial wireless networks and SATCOM platforms.     


rf photonic transmitter, microwave photonic receiver, rf over fiber

  • 30 – 3000 MHz operational bandwidth

  • High spurious free dynamic range and gain

  • Low noise figure

  • Compact, power efficient modules

  • Status monitors

  • DC powered (AC adapters supplied)
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